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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hand Sculpting using Crafter's Clay from Martha Stewart Crafts

Had to share- this product looks awesome, and I just gotta try some!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't Call Me A 'Fatty'!

Sorry that I've been gone awhile. I've been busy defeating a very stubborn and virus-infected computer program essential for our 'real' business.  The evil dragon has been slain, and it's all downhill to the tavern from here :D
I rarely rant because I like this to be a place to come and get away from the negativity that so permeates our world these days. But rant today I shall because someone called me a 'fatty'.
Not someone that has ever seen or met me, mind you.  But some loudmouth with a blog that based on bra size has determined I am not 'well endowed' but indeed, a fatty!  I acknowledge I have probably, on an unkind day, called myself a fatty or much worse.  We all have those times, although I try to love myself in whatever form I am taking on today.  You see, I have been at both ends of the spectrum on weight, as a lot of women have.

I have mostly been on the slim side of the scale- a perfect size 6 most of my life.  Today.....not-so-much.  But I am healthy and *mostly* happy, and I can't say that has always been the case in the past, even on a skinny day.

So, on to this blogger....she has determined that there is a HUGE discrepancy in what can be called 'busty', after all, she is a 28G, and someone who is a 36DD is just a 'fatty'.  I'm not sure I wore a 28 band size when I was in my training bras!  But at 5'-7" tall and 125 lbs I wore a 36DD.  If I was just a 'fatty' I was oblivious!!  
What I want to know is why it matters? When are women EVER going to get past this catty, backstabbing and mocking monikers for other women? When will it ever be OK just to be who you are?  To have your strengths applauded? Not to have someone say "she has such a pretty face....".  Every one of us is here on a separate, but none less important journey.  We all have vast differences in every aspect of our lives. Has it occurred to you, Miss 28G that I don't want to be you? That I am OK with being me? The 'Me' that has evolved over so much time, and through so many experiences.  The 'Me' that has been a lot of things, but hopefully not unkind on too many occasions.  I don't covet your Louboutins or your eyelash extensionsThe things I have come to value are so much more intrinsic. I might be a lot of things to a lot of different people, but don't just call me a fatty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heavenly Banana-Blueberry Muffins

So I have been having some deep personal issues lately and lets just say the summer is not going "swimmingly". I'm not sure why, but when things go to crap all I can think to do is bake something! With the abundance of fresh blueberries right now, and a desire to produce something different as well as quick and tasty for school-day breakfasts that will be coming up any day now- it just shouted "muffins".

Look at these little beauties!

I had a few people sample them and the response was great!  There was also one suggestion to substitute pineapple or strawberry pieces for the blueberries, so I think I will be trying a few variations as well :D  I did also sprinkle some coarse sugar on top before baking just to pretty them up a little.

If you make these muffins or a variation, let me know what you think. I loved them!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Sandals- As Seen on

 I think quite a few of you have seen these 'home-made' summer sandals or some variation there-of, although most I have seen were flip-flop styled.  I am reposting a GENIUS idea from a blog called annekata. These are so wonderful for all of the ladies (and kids!) out there that just can't stand the thingy-between-the-toe!

I found them on a site called


Monday, July 30, 2012

A New Flag To Fly

Prayer flags have been a tradition in Tibet and India for thousands of years.  I decided to put a little Ticklish Moose spin on convention and make a few of my own. 

 Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.

Given the recent events in Aurora, CO I thought this idea I have had floating around in my head was apropos, but these can be used in so many ways- as a banner in a sick friends room, for good wishes to be written at weddings or birthdays, a project for kids to decorate at VBS.....the possibilities are endless.

 I did my project with simple machine sewing, but this could be a hand sewn or no-sew project just as easily. For no-sew just use steam-a-seam type products in place of the sewn areas. 

You will need:
Basic sewing supplies
 2 sheets plain cardstock 
Temporary adhesive spray like Easy-Tack
Laser or inkjet printer
Iron to heat set images
11 feet or longer rope, twine etc.
Fabric as detailed below 

 Woodcut Printables Freebie (click on links)

Prayer Flags Page 1  

Prayer Flags Page 2 

 This could also be old sheeting, broadcloth, lightweight cotton

 I upcycled mens shirts for this because the oxford cloth is pretty on both sides. 
Use whatever lightweight cotton fabric you have on hand. Also- I threw my shirting pieces into the washer and dryer after cutting to get a 'softer' frayed edge look- totally not necessary.

Spray the cardstock with adhesive spray and smooth your muslin onto the tacky side of the cardstock. Trim off the excess with scissors or rotary cutter.

 Print the Prayer Flag images onto your muslin, remove from the cardstock and heat set (press from back side!) and use a press cloth so the ink doesn't transfer to your iron and ironing board cover.  I use a teflon sheet for this purpose.....LOVE it!

Cut each image sheet into 4 equal individual images.

While your iron is hot, fold over 1 long side of the flag pieces by 1", press and pin.

I used a decorative zig-zag stitch to make the pocket for the rope/twine- here is where you can also hand sew or use a thin strip of steam-a-seam to create the pocket for the twine if you choose.

Select one of your images and center (mostly) on the face of the flag. Sew or use steam-a-seam to keep it in place.

Now the fun part- hand them out to family members or guests and have them add their prayers/wishes/hopes and dreams to the Prayer Flag with a Sharpie or other permanent marker.  String them onto your rope/twine and let them fly!

And help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray.  ~John Keble 

If you make this craft, please let me know- I would love to post a picture of your project!  

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Button, button....

who's got a button?  ME! 
As usual- it's been a busy few weeks.  I helped my daughter get moved into her new apartment, fixed up a few frames for new apartment, helped pick new furniture for new apartment, and on Sunday I will (probably) help hang frames and shelves in new apartment. (whew!!)  So who on Earth has time for any crafting?? Well.....ME!


I have been fascinated with buttons of all kinds for a long time, and as you can imagine, I have a fairly substantial button collection.  So it seemed a natural progression to make a few of my own!  This go-round I am using Premo` polymer clay, but I'm pretty sure I will try my hand at a few wooden buttons before it's all said and done.

 This group of buttons (and a heart-shaped pendant or two) is from one small package of Premo`.  I experimented with a few different kinds of cutters and embossing tools to get a feel what worked and what didn't.

Here is what I found so far:
  • actual 'cutters' work best
  • stamps or embossing plates with deep, small impressions give the best detail/results
  • use a toothpick or fine knitting needle to poke the holes
  • poke the holes from both sides

I used Stazon black ink to highlight (is that the correct word?) the detail on one button after it had baked and cooled, then painted it with latex paint from one of those little jars I told you about, and lightly rubbed the wet paint back off to show some of the black details through the blue paint. 
I plan to try a few more paint and topcoat combos on the rest of the buttons in a few days when I have a little more time to get out "the works" and play.
I'll be sure to show you the results!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shabby Clothespins

I have the start to a bigger project.  Not sure where that is going, but I do know it is starting with these shabby chic clothespins I just painted!

I picked up a sample jar of Benjamin Moore paint in gossamer blue.
Truth be told I love those little jars of paint, and may have picked up a few other colors on that hardware store trip.  It is a little more grey than the sample shows, and the color I wanted the guest bath to be which somehow I painted more aqua but that is a story for another day.

 I started by taking the clothespins apart and lightly sanding them.  The large pins are vintage, the little ones are new.  The button is one of a large group of painted wooden buttons I am not all that fond of, and figured 'why not' change them?  I painted the top and sides, let dry, painted the backs, let dry, and then gave a second coat to the tops.  Did some laundry while the paint dried.

I used a French script stamp and black ink to stamp the images on the top side of the clothespins, then heat set.  I lightly sanded the top and edges of the clothespins with 320 grit sandpaper and gave them a quick top coat of acrylic varnish.  I let them dry overnight and re-assembled the clothespins.

I'm still working out the details on the
'bigger project' they will be a part of, 
but for now I am just using them in
every little way I can think of! 

I plan to try these in a few other
colors as well,
know, I just love those little jars
of paint!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Printable Freebies

The past few weeks have gone by fast!  I helped my daughter look for a new apartment, took a few naps, and worked on some sewing and a couple of new printables.  Given the fact that it will be the 4th of July holiday in just a few short weeks, I feel like I should be working on Christmas stuff already!

I wanted to add a little 4th of July flair to my mantle, so while I was (supposed to be) resting my back I put together a little sumthin'-sumthin' to share

Download full size (8 x 10) high resolution pdf here:

My daughter will be sharing her new apartment, which prompted this printable, which will also be a housewarming gift!  I ended up making it in about 10 colors, but settled for putting these 4 colors on the printable:

Download the high resolution 2-page set for 5 x 7 frames here:

And here they are on my mantle in some freshly re-painted frames!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cowgirl Pin-Ups

I've had a busy few days, still doing lots of cleaning out and organizing.  Dull, dull things like linen closets, but a necessary thing from time to time.  I've run across a few things I had forgotten about- a lovely matelasse`bedspread and shams and a hand crocheted pillow my mom had made for me.  

They might seem like things you would remember you had, but honestly when we built and moved into this home I was quite ill.  We were downsizing which turned out to be one of the best moves we made, but there were things that got pushed aside that I just couldn't make a decision on at the time.  So when I have good days I keep working at these things.  And try to squeeze in a project or two just for fun.  :D

Got a few good picks this week- this wonderful chrome over copper English Teapot and the fun, folksy vintage tablecloth it is on

and this '70's vintage ceramic owl bank

I updated a jewelry box I had gotten some time back.  I used some scrapbook paper and a vintage cowgirl pin up image to dress it up a bit.

Free for your use:

And a cute vintage playing card

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Ephemera Friday- Saturday Edition

This week I was supposed to be resting my leg because of the nerve problem, until I can get into a specialist to get some 'nerve mapping' done.  It's hard for me to do anything for too long....sitting, walking, standing, name it.  So trying to sit still for too long...Ugh!  Too hard!  I decided to try to use some of the time creatively and work with some photo editing software.  I plan to use some Bingo card images in an upcoming project, so I had a little fun and I am sharing it with you!

Download Bingo Card Collage Here 

Here is one idea to get you started

And one more freebie to share:

Paper Doll Download 

Have fun! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That Old Thing?

My 3 favorite little words right after "just take it".  
Those words began my chair project

The finish was shot and the seat was just formed rubbery plastic, not even a real rush seat!  But I knew immediately what I needed to do.  I washed off the bird poop and the old dried bubble gum.  I gave it a light sanding to remove the loose debris.  I got out a jar of my Country Living Caromal Colours Paint in 'paprika' and got to work under the shade of my big oak tree.

If you have never used these awesome finish products you just have to give them a try!  They bond without stripping, have a great vintage feel and you can layer the products to create all different kind of looks.  I gave this chair one good coat of paint, and then sanded away some for a vintage, worn effect.

I added a fun quote by tracing it on the chair with carbon paper and then going over it with a permanent paint marker, then lightly sanding again.

Since it was going to be out in the sun and the rain I used an outdoor poly coat to seal the whole chair.  I had part of a roll of chicken wire out in the shed that I cut up and formed into my 'basket' to hold the dirt and flowers.  This was probably the most tedious part, but I totally love chicken wire, so for me it was worth every minute!   I bought 2 coco-fiber window box liners at Big Lots for $4 each to form my liner to fit the odd shape .  Perfect!  

Added a few plants and voila`

Now enjoying a new life on my front porch!
I am so excited to see how much better it will look as the summer goes on and the plants mature  :D

The old shall be new
On this you can depend

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trellis Something Good

I don't want you to think a week has passed that a project has not been started or completed at our home.  In fact I was just thinking the other day that more days than not you will probably find a nail gun instead of dinner on the dining room table.  We had some exceptional weather this past week, and we took full advantage of every single day of it!  It won't be long before it will be too hot for me to be outside after about 10 AM.

I'm sure if you have a garden, or even a patio you have priced a trellis.  They come all shapes and sizes, and of course price ranges.  We have a large shallow garden area on the lower patio/fire pit portion of our back patio that had bushes at one time, but we found it hard to keep them from encroaching on the patio itself.  We decided to tear out the bushes and add vines- primarily evergreen varieties that would keep the leaf debris cleanup to a minimum.  And let me add that the space gets the full Texas sun all afternoon.  I honestly get fed up with publications that show amazing gardens grown places like Washington state!  It takes True Grit to garden here as well as a modicum of masochism! 

Our trellis needed to be over 10 feet long and 5 feet high!  We are so fortunate to have been able to recycle cedar scraps from a work project!  I still plan to add some vertical strings to help coax the vines to fill in.  My son cut out, sanded and assembled it since my husband still does not have use of his arm.  I think it turned out great!

 I also took advantage of the shade from our large oak tree in the back yard to work on and paint an old chair.  I should have the project fully completed for the next post! (pending no continued rain-out)

Here is a peek:

A pic of my kitty enjoying the catnip I planted for her

And to keep with our wood/fence/outdoor theme today here is a great free background for your personal use

And to all the Moms out there- Happy Mother's Day!

All My Best

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