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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travel Bling Thing


I'm a *blingaholic* !!   There- I've confessed it for everyone to read.  I love-a da bling!  So, in an attempt to perk up my old black suitcase for an upcoming trip to Seattle I came up with these super-simple, yet fun and notice-me cute luggage tags!  These take next to no time, the themes are as endless as your itinerary, and they make a fun going away gift as well!  I whipped these up out of some scraps, and some old cruise wear from a decade ago that (ahem) no longer fits my style (or my body).  You know you want one~ so lets get started!

You will need:
2 scraps of fabric larger than 3" x 4 1/2"
polyester felt or other thicker fabric for backing
fusible web
clear vinyl- I used a medium weight from Joann
2 grommets- 5/16" or 3/8" size
14" length of ribbon- 3/8" to 1" wide
general sewing supplies
*I like using a quilt ruler because it makes it easy to 'fussy-cut'
a design or pattern for the back*

Fuse your fabric scraps according to directions on package to your felt backing.  Cut your fused fabric into a rectangle 3" x 4 1/2".  Also cut a piece of the clear vinyl  3" x 4 1/2".

Mark whichever rectangle you have chosen for the front as shown with a tailors pencil or disappearing marker.   Place the clear vinyl on the backside of this rectangle and sew along these lines.  *tip*- the clear vinyl will want to stick on the sewing machine, so either use the paper backing that comes with the vinyl, or a tear away sheet behind, such as embroidery stabilizer.
I tried cutting out the inside part and then sewing on the clear vinyl- I ended up with trapezoids instead of rectangles  :-/

Once you get the vinyl sewed onto the back of your face piece,  scrunch up the face fabric and make a little starting clip in the fabric, and then cut close (but not too close!) to the stitching to create your little window for your card to show through.

The clear vinyl doesn't show up well in pics, but you get the idea. 

Also flip over your face piece and trim the vinyl to about 1/8" from the stitching.  This is easily done if you bend back the face like this.

Mark both of your fabric pieces for the grommets on the larger end of the window.  Put your grommets on according to the instructions on the package you bought.  I always flip over the piece and give it a tap on the back with my hammer to be sure all of the prongs are well set.  Plus, I like whacking things with a hammer.  

You should now have something that looks like these:

This is the time to add fringe trim if you would like more *bling*...and I know you do! 
I cut this piece of fringe 4" long so I had some play on the ends, and trimmed it off after I sewed the pieces together.  I also use fray check on the ends of all my ribbons and trims. 

One more *tip* for you, as I have done a few of these now and worked out some bugs- pinning the pieces together does not work well.  I found it was easier to use a 'bulldog' type of clip to hold the pieces together and sew across the end first, then sew the sides.  Sew close to the sides of the fabric- about 1/8"seam  allowance.

Sewn and ready for a trim!   Almost finished!!

Now slide in your business card, or if you don't have one, use your Word program, etc., to create a fun or decorative card to put inside with your contact information.  Slide the 14" piece of ribbon thru the grommets and voila`...... a super-cute luggage tag that will make your bag stand out from the crowd!

Have a fabulous vacation!

P.S.  I will be selling these @ my webstore-,
and at upcoming craft fairs.


  1. A great idea! Thanks for sharing. I think I will make me my own. Me and my kids are going for a cure in two weeks time. It would be helpful and fun...


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