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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Distressed in the New Year

Not me- just having some fun with a pair of overalls I purchased at the local thrift store for $2!  I don't think there is any way to 'mess them up' in the distressing process, but I did a little research on methods of distressing, which I have added on the blog.

I love the idea of upcycled clothing, and taking some things that would normally be cast offs and making something fun out of them!  I have combined a thermal shirt and skirt to make a great 'bag lady' dress- these are my favorite style of dress.  I wear the 'bag lady's' around the house all of the time, and if I am feeling especially shlumppy I even wear them to the market.  I found that if you look like you're crazy, people pretty much leave you alone.  Humming or singing "mahna-mahna" or "kumbya" pretty much guarantees a trip to the store without being harrassed from the kiosk salespeople. 

I will add some pics, but I am really excited to unleash some pent up energy on the destruction and recreation of these unsuspecting overalls!  Maybe you can find some inspiration in these links, and add some creativity to an article of clothing you have lying around!

How to Make Distressed Jeans: 8 steps (with video) - wikiHow

How to Make Distressed Jeans: 8 steps (with video) - wikiHow

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