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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shabby Clothespins

I have the start to a bigger project.  Not sure where that is going, but I do know it is starting with these shabby chic clothespins I just painted!

I picked up a sample jar of Benjamin Moore paint in gossamer blue.
Truth be told I love those little jars of paint, and may have picked up a few other colors on that hardware store trip.  It is a little more grey than the sample shows, and the color I wanted the guest bath to be which somehow I painted more aqua but that is a story for another day.

 I started by taking the clothespins apart and lightly sanding them.  The large pins are vintage, the little ones are new.  The button is one of a large group of painted wooden buttons I am not all that fond of, and figured 'why not' change them?  I painted the top and sides, let dry, painted the backs, let dry, and then gave a second coat to the tops.  Did some laundry while the paint dried.

I used a French script stamp and black ink to stamp the images on the top side of the clothespins, then heat set.  I lightly sanded the top and edges of the clothespins with 320 grit sandpaper and gave them a quick top coat of acrylic varnish.  I let them dry overnight and re-assembled the clothespins.

I'm still working out the details on the
'bigger project' they will be a part of, 
but for now I am just using them in
every little way I can think of! 

I plan to try these in a few other
colors as well,
know, I just love those little jars
of paint!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Printable Freebies

The past few weeks have gone by fast!  I helped my daughter look for a new apartment, took a few naps, and worked on some sewing and a couple of new printables.  Given the fact that it will be the 4th of July holiday in just a few short weeks, I feel like I should be working on Christmas stuff already!

I wanted to add a little 4th of July flair to my mantle, so while I was (supposed to be) resting my back I put together a little sumthin'-sumthin' to share

Download full size (8 x 10) high resolution pdf here:

My daughter will be sharing her new apartment, which prompted this printable, which will also be a housewarming gift!  I ended up making it in about 10 colors, but settled for putting these 4 colors on the printable:

Download the high resolution 2-page set for 5 x 7 frames here:

And here they are on my mantle in some freshly re-painted frames!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cowgirl Pin-Ups

I've had a busy few days, still doing lots of cleaning out and organizing.  Dull, dull things like linen closets, but a necessary thing from time to time.  I've run across a few things I had forgotten about- a lovely matelasse`bedspread and shams and a hand crocheted pillow my mom had made for me.  

They might seem like things you would remember you had, but honestly when we built and moved into this home I was quite ill.  We were downsizing which turned out to be one of the best moves we made, but there were things that got pushed aside that I just couldn't make a decision on at the time.  So when I have good days I keep working at these things.  And try to squeeze in a project or two just for fun.  :D

Got a few good picks this week- this wonderful chrome over copper English Teapot and the fun, folksy vintage tablecloth it is on

and this '70's vintage ceramic owl bank

I updated a jewelry box I had gotten some time back.  I used some scrapbook paper and a vintage cowgirl pin up image to dress it up a bit.

Free for your use:

And a cute vintage playing card

Have a great weekend!

All My Best

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