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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hand Sculpting using Crafter's Clay from Martha Stewart Crafts

Had to share- this product looks awesome, and I just gotta try some!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't Call Me A 'Fatty'!

Sorry that I've been gone awhile. I've been busy defeating a very stubborn and virus-infected computer program essential for our 'real' business.  The evil dragon has been slain, and it's all downhill to the tavern from here :D
I rarely rant because I like this to be a place to come and get away from the negativity that so permeates our world these days. But rant today I shall because someone called me a 'fatty'.
Not someone that has ever seen or met me, mind you.  But some loudmouth with a blog that based on bra size has determined I am not 'well endowed' but indeed, a fatty!  I acknowledge I have probably, on an unkind day, called myself a fatty or much worse.  We all have those times, although I try to love myself in whatever form I am taking on today.  You see, I have been at both ends of the spectrum on weight, as a lot of women have.

I have mostly been on the slim side of the scale- a perfect size 6 most of my life.  Today.....not-so-much.  But I am healthy and *mostly* happy, and I can't say that has always been the case in the past, even on a skinny day.

So, on to this blogger....she has determined that there is a HUGE discrepancy in what can be called 'busty', after all, she is a 28G, and someone who is a 36DD is just a 'fatty'.  I'm not sure I wore a 28 band size when I was in my training bras!  But at 5'-7" tall and 125 lbs I wore a 36DD.  If I was just a 'fatty' I was oblivious!!  
What I want to know is why it matters? When are women EVER going to get past this catty, backstabbing and mocking monikers for other women? When will it ever be OK just to be who you are?  To have your strengths applauded? Not to have someone say "she has such a pretty face....".  Every one of us is here on a separate, but none less important journey.  We all have vast differences in every aspect of our lives. Has it occurred to you, Miss 28G that I don't want to be you? That I am OK with being me? The 'Me' that has evolved over so much time, and through so many experiences.  The 'Me' that has been a lot of things, but hopefully not unkind on too many occasions.  I don't covet your Louboutins or your eyelash extensionsThe things I have come to value are so much more intrinsic. I might be a lot of things to a lot of different people, but don't just call me a fatty.

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