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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Silhouette Success!!! Tutorial and Links! excitement!  I got my design to cut out of the vinyl I ordered and got it on the back of the little chair I am working on!!

I want to share a couple of good links I found.  As promised, I found what I believe to be a great site for vinyl, as you can buy just a piece instead of having to get a whole roll of a color.
Click here:

Also, I found a really fun tool- The KEEP CALM-o-matic!

You can generate any KEEP CALM sign/poster you want!  How fun is that?  I used it to generate my design above, and saved the file as a .jpg so I could import it to Robo-Master.  That is where you use your graphics files to make your own Silhouette designs. 

Need a tutorial?  Here it is:

 Open RoboMaster and click on File/new

Select your page style- portrait view is shown

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Observation- Feel Free to Comment

Am I the only one- or do you find all of the jukebox additions to the blogs irritating and distracting?  I realize I may have an older mind that cannot multi-task like it used to, but when I get to a blog I want to read and the music I may or may not like starts playing, all I can do is look for the box to make it STOP! (there, I used uppercase anyway!)

Worse yet- if I do manage to find the box and stop the madness, when I go to an older post it starts all over again! Ugh!
If I am in the family room on my laptop the music comes on and disturbs those around me watching a show, and it certainly keeps me from what I am trying to do, which is READ THE BLOG! (more uppercase- uh oh!)

I cannot read and listen effectively at the same time, and if I cannot make the music stop, I simply leave the blog.  So, what I want to know is this:
Am I the only one that feel this way about this newfangled widget?  Please leave your comments either way.  I am curious.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog Guidebook- Great Info and Help for Bloggers!!

So, today it was a Monday....a day like any other Monday.  I dropped off the carpool and came back for my 3rd or 4th cup-o-Joe, checked emails and a couple bloggers who have special Monday features.  Today I ran across a blog button  that I had not seen before, and of course, being the curious person I am I just 'had to see'.  

The name of the site is The Blog Guidebook and the ladies there have some wonderful free info for Bloggers (you know how I love free!!), a free listing in the Blog Guidebook, and they will even give your blog an honest evaluation (yeah.....not like the one your mom gave you).  

Look for the bee button on my sidebar and check them out!

  You can gain some nifty tricks of the trade in simple, straightforward tutorials that will help give your blog that professional edge!
And, as a sidenote:
Can anyone tell me which font is used on these Be Calm signs?
I am working feverishly on a Silhouette SD design for a child's chair and would like to use this type of motif.  If I ever did things 'the easy way' I could have been done with the chair by now.  But oh no.....I have to not only learn a new set of software, I also have to make it do the hard stuff right off.  Anyone else would probably just be able to choose from the Silhouette Library for their first design.  No, not me.  Sorry.  So far I have destroyed a carrier sheet, but I am getting close.  :D  Not the machine's fault...totally the user. Tot-a-leee user error.  But....good news...all of the fabric transfer interfacing is in, AND- I found a website I will share next time where you can get all types of vinyl on the cheap, not just for Silhouette.  Yay!!

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