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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Silhouette Success!!! Tutorial and Links! excitement!  I got my design to cut out of the vinyl I ordered and got it on the back of the little chair I am working on!!

I want to share a couple of good links I found.  As promised, I found what I believe to be a great site for vinyl, as you can buy just a piece instead of having to get a whole roll of a color.
Click here:

Also, I found a really fun tool- The KEEP CALM-o-matic!

You can generate any KEEP CALM sign/poster you want!  How fun is that?  I used it to generate my design above, and saved the file as a .jpg so I could import it to Robo-Master.  That is where you use your graphics files to make your own Silhouette designs. 

Need a tutorial?  Here it is:

 Open RoboMaster and click on File/new

Select your page style- portrait view is shown

Click on Insert/file

I used a personal file of black silhouette .jpg's images I have saved- don't confuse that with any Silhouette SD files.....just a coincidence!

I selected a dancer I love:

Click your desired file and open.  You will get a box on your page.  Click the desired location, and your image should come up:

 Still with me?  Ok!  Here is the point where you can resize the image- I find if I pull up the grid it helps.  Just click View/view grid and it will come up.  You can change the size of your grid in the grid properties if you choose.  I believe the default is 1/2" squares.  

For blogging purposes I left my image large so you can see it better.

When you have it the way you want, click on Edit/get outline.
This big box pops up.  When it does, click on Convert to Outline.
It will turn into a series of points you can move, like this:

Click Paste then Exit at the lower right side of the image box.
You should see your image with a light red line around the perimeter of the image.  Don't know how well it shows up here:

You are ready to cut!!  Click on File/output settings and the output cutting guide will walk you through the correct settings for your material.  If you use the vinyl, you do not need to use the carrier sheet.  

 I tested my cut first with some colored copy paper.  It was okay, so I moved on to the vinyl.  For the vinyl I used a 7 setting on cut depth.  :)  I hope this helps any of you out there looking for some info on the Silhouette SD. 

1 comment:

  1. I'd keep calm if I could sparkle too! Stopping in to say hi! And looking forward to seeing your embroidery fonts as I can never have too many fonts.
    xo Cathy


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