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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ott light 'on the cheap'

This is the first day of my blog, and I have to say it's been a busy one! Making Christmas 'disappear' from my home is as hard as getting the stuff out and up to begin with.....and where did all this stuff come from?? Well, next year, for sure.... less stuff....make a mental note (yeah-right!)

The people who know me well know I am hopelessly cheap- well, rather, I prefer to say 'inventive'! I have lost a great deal of my eyesite as I have plunged through my 40's, and I have been coveting one of the Ott lights for some time. Although JoAnn puts them on sale for 1/2 off from time to time I have still been reluctant to spend the funds for one. After all, I still have a few more strengths to go up on with the reading glasses! Today as I strolled thru a store I saw it- an Ott light 'replacement' bulb!! Then it hit me- I can just put that in any ole floor lamp, and have me a fancy schmancy Ott light for a fraction the cost! Deal!!! I got the 100 watt bulb and I was on my way!!

It took a minor stop at the 'big box store' to pick up an inexpensive floor lamp- but in the end I now have an awesome lamp with awesome light for a total of less than $35!!

If I had the patience to have waited for the 50% off anything coupon they have from time to time @ JoAnn, I could have done even better on cost, but it was the only bulb left on the rack. I know better than to try to drive back and hope it would still be there. Maybe your area is not as dog-eat-dog for shopping, but here if ya see it- better grab it.

Hope I have given you some inspiration to look at things a little differently today!

All My Best

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