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Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Ephemera Friday #4

If you have been keeping up with these, you will have noticed I missed posting last week.  But here is my (adorable!!) excuse:
That is my great-niece and I had such a wonderful time visiting her and my family last weekend!  She is just about 6 months old and all things wonderful and perfect and sweet.  

We stayed at the beach and were blessed with fantastic weather the whole visit.
Here is a pic of one sublime sunrise

So in the few days since I have been back to Texas I have just been playing 'catch up'.  

I do have some great images to share this week.  You may be wondering what this is all leading to, but I promise it's all good!!  Next week I am ordering the Ranger Melt Art Melting Pot and I am so excited about all of the possibilities!

For now- here are a few more images.

Some cool corsets:

Some vintage dress patterns

and some spring chickens :D
Have a wonderful weekend!

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