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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vintage Rocking Horse Redo

vintage rocking horse, originally uploaded by ticklish_moose.
Latest upcycle- this vintage rocking horse was found in pieces in a barn set for demolition. Since I found all of the pieces the owner let me have her!

My husband put it back together for me, and I refinished it using Annie Sloan chalk paints and chipping creme. It was my first experience using the chalk paint and I have to say I'm sold!! Currently for sale in my space @ The Antique Gallery.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by my site and you are right we are kindred spirits I did an upcycle project early last year on exactly the same rocking horse you have in this project!! That's so funny! I love yours - it's super chic.

    My rocking horse is the same in make but the 'before' was painted in a Balinese style (bright reds and yellows). It was a huge project because bits were broken, warped or missing. After I rebuilt it I painted it in a light resin paint with tiny bronze metal flakes in it and carefully created an aged bronze patina with acid.

    I will try to make some time to load it this week. It's just amazing that you and I redid the same project. Thanks for finding me, your site is great!!

    Come back and visit soon!!


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