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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Graphics Freebies

This week should have been easy, but has gone South in a hurry.  At least it's hump day!  

Good news!
The *new* (to me!) scanner I picked up at the garage sale has been great and so easy to use!  I never could get our old all-in-one machine to work with my laptop correctly.  I am not an IT genius so if it ain't simple it ain't happening! 

I wanted to share a few of the spring graphics I scanned for you to use if you choose.  I also wanted to share a few pics of some things I have been working on.  I couldn't remember if I had posted this cuff previously on the blog.  It was a cuff from a silk blouse, and I added flowers upcycled from an old lei and various vintage buttons and beads from my (vast) hoarde collection:

This next little project started as a horrible forest green box with runs and smears (sorry whoever's kid made it for them!).  I added a black distressed finish, some decoupage and made some funky pulls out of mini spools and buttons.  I added the chicken wire for fun!  I think it turned out great:

I love toile! 

The next picture group is a set of lavender sachets I whipped up.  The images printed on muslim are saved on a Publisher Document, so I could print 4 to an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of fabric.  I used the same technique as when I printed on the twill tape- you just use a temporary adhesive to stick the muslim to a piece of cardstock, and print directly onto your fabric from your printer.  Just be sure to heat set (from the backside!).

These were made simpler by starting with a 5" Moda Charm Pack:

The white wire basket was one of my garage sale finds from last week!
Here are the graphics files I currently have to share.  Feel free to use them for any project, but you may not sell these images alone or as a part of set.  

And a fun bunny coloring page as well!

Here's to a great weekend!! 


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