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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eewwww........It's The Flu!

I was tired before my Florida trip, really tired while I was in Florida, and exhausted by the time I got home.  I went to see my PC Doctor the day after my return pretty much draggin' myself along.  I figured that a common issue that goes along with my Lyme had returned, and that is Mononucleosis (or Epstein-Barr) and the test results and my enlarged spleen did not disappoint.  However, what has really gotten me down, down, down the past week has been the Flu.  

So here I am.....

The good news is that between blowing my nose and sleeping with my mouth hanging open I have had some time to explore some new project ideas on the internet.  I have been super frustrated the past few days looking for the new Silhouette Fabric Interfacing.  It is one of the big reasons I wanted Silhouette SD, and the stuff is just sold out everywhere.  I did find ONE package of the iron on type (fingers crossed) and got it ordered today (fingers double crossed), so hopefully I can be artfully creating fabulous projects of fabulosity in the very near future.  

Oops.......looks like the Nyquil is kicking in again.


(back soon) 

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  1. Oh, so sorry to hear you're sick! Take we'll still be here later :)


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