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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry-Just One Of THOSE Weeks!

You know what I mean.  Snafu to the power of 2.  *sigh* Why ME ?!?

We have some pretty bad air here in the Mighty Metroplex.  They color-code the days air like the terror levels....yellow, orange, red...beyond red.... I am ozone sensitive.  The air burns holes in my nose and closes off my lungs.  Combine it with the oppressive heat, and it's like a punch in the chest compounded by a baseball bat to the forehead.  Not complaining...just explaining.  Well, complaining a little.  So, maybe you can understand while in so many ways we are blessed to have our home here, there are days it feels like I couldn't run far enough fast enough.  Parts of July and August are like that here.  

I tell myself that there are generally 2 crappy months in most every place.  Santa Anna winds, monsoon rains, frigid temperatures, hurricanes.  Not to mention places like Alaska that although I have heard from everyone I know that has gone there it is probably the most beautiful place on Earth, they have not only unbearable cold, but 30 days of night???  EXCUSE ME?   I'll take our 300 days of sunshine and 6-8 weeks of hell-like heat over that!  But I would give anything to see a live moose.  

I digress......

Just posting today to say 'sorry' for not getting the pics up, the giveaway posted, the new recipe listed and so much more.  Migraine pain gripped my head and eyeballs and there was no getting anything done that required focusing or light.  Or noise.  Or my brain.

Today the sky is quite clear, and the wind is blowing the smog out, and I hope to get some catching up done.  We didn't get to the point of having to turn our underwear inside out to have a clean pair, but sometimes it gets dangerously close.  I know many of you can relate (or at least that is what I tell myself to alleviate the guilt).

Since the majority of our pollution comes from automobiles, I have included a link to a website that helps you calculate your actual driving costs, and offers suggestions to cut back of the driving, as well as the ensuing madness that comes from it.  The website is: Drive Less- Save More

And while I have your attention- if you are one of those ladies that soaks herself in perfume....STOP IT!  Many people have chemical sensitivities and your stench is nothing but air pollution.  I call you the 'Superstinkers'.  People should not be able to smell you 3 feet away, and trust me when I say this- no one wants to! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  :) 


  1. Hi there! I'm excited to find your blog, through the Nestwork! You've been through quite a few things and we all have one of those weeks in our own way. Thank goodness I'm not one of those ladies who soaks herself in perfume, lol!

    Your blog is great! I'm your newest follower! Have a blessed evening, hope that air is better for ya.

    Jinnia <--Come visit!

  2. Hope your day (and week) turned out ok though!

    I'm a new follower from MBC & the Nestwork!


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