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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!


 There are some things in life that are so simple, and yet give us some of the biggest joys.  My new, outdoor clothesline is one of those things to me.

My husband is many things, handy being one of them.  It was one of the big reasons I fell in love with him- his ingenuity and ability to create.  I asked for an outdoor clothesline- nothing big, but it had to hold comforters, and be removable in bad weather, or if we entertained.  With my limitations, I didn't want to carry wet laundry too far.  I am trying to be more *green* in the things that I do daily, and running a dryer is a big energy eater.  I have the high efficiency front loaders, but even though the washers are Energy Star- the dryers are not.

 So, like the true genius my DH is, he came up with this simple system which works perfectly between the posts on our patio.  It is about $5 worth of plastic coated wire and hardware, but it is truly one of the best gifts I have received.  And so today, on Earth Day's 40th Anniversary I pay tribute to the simple things, like a clothesline, that we can all do to help save a little power, and in it's joyous response the sun and wind will sweetly scent our clothes the way no dryer sheet ever could!  There is something about that fresh smell that takes me back in time the way no other thing can. 

 In the joyful spirit of Earth Day, I wish I could tell you that I lived in harmony with all creatures, great and small, but that has not been the case!  With spring comes our yearly battle with ants, and this rainy year has made things worse.  They continue to try to take up residence in our residence, and they do not seem to understand why I find this so objectionable!

I did try some eco-friendly spray, but honestly I think they liked it!  So, today we brought out the *big guns* and poisoned them into submission.  The way I see it, the ants had their chance to leave peacefully.  Well, in the true eco-friendly way, I probably should have brought in an anteater, but not too sure how poor old Tannerdale would take that.  So, I will continue to do my little part, and enjoy my clothesline, and here's to Earth Day, 2010!!  :)

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